Combined Authority Governance

Corporate governance is essential for effective control and accounting. The Combined Authority operates a system based on a framework of standing orders, financial regulations and administrative controls including codes of conduct and administrative policies and procedures.

Standing Orders

The following Standing Orders have been adopted by the Combined Authority:-

Financial Regulations

The Combined Authority has in place Financial Regulations which govern how responsibility for management of budgets and expenditure is delegated within the officer structure of the Combined Authority.

Officer Delegation Scheme

The Officer Delegation Scheme sets out the functions which are delegated to officers by the Combined Authority.

Corporate Governance Code and Framework

The Combined Authority has adopted Corporate Governance Code and Framework which is consistent with the principles of the best practice guidance issued jointly by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) and the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives (SOLACE) and is based on six core principles.

Code of Conduct for Members

The Code of Conduct for Members sets out the conduct that is expected of members in relation to their conduct in office and includes procedures for their declaration and registration of disclosable pecuniary interests.

The Combined Authority also has in place arrangements for dealing with allegations of a failure to comply with the Code of Conduct by members.

Code of Conduct for Officers

All officers of the Combined Authority are required to comply with a Code of Conduct.

Complaints Procedure

The Combined Authority is committed to providing high-quality services for all members of the public, businesses and organisations. The Combined Authority is the accountable body for the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

Members Allowances Scheme

The Combined Authority approved the current Members' Allowances Scheme at the annual meeting on 28 June 2018.

Allowances and expenses paid to members is available from our Freedom of Information page.

Policies of the Combined Authority

On the 1 April 2014, the Combined Authority adopted the general policies of the former West Yorkshire Integrated Transport Authority which were in force to enable the business of the Combined Authority as the local transport authority to continue.

Monitoring Officer

The Monitoring Officer of the Combined Authority is the Head of Legal and Governance Services, Caroline Allen, who can be reached by email here or in writing at: 

West Yorkshire Combined Authority
Wellington House
40-50 Wellington Street