West Yorkshire Public Perceptions of Transport Survey

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority has commissioned an annual survey to better understand West Yorkshire residents’ perceptions and attitudes of transport. This survey will be a continuation of an existing, long-running time series.The information will be used to inform strategic and operational decision making and measure performance of the West Yorkshire Transport Strategy 2040 and for monitoring the Connecting Leeds programme.

Aecom will be managing the survey and analysing the results on our behalf and their partner, TeamSearch, will be carrying out the survey. They will be contacting West Yorkshire residents by telephone during February and March 2019. No organisation other than Aecom and their partner TeamSearch, will have access to the identity of individuals interviewed unless respondents volunteer that information. A summary of the survey results will be published on our website later in the year.

You can find out more information about AECOM and what they do with the information they collect in their Privacy Notice, available on their website.