Hard Ings Road Highways Improvement, Keighley

Updated April 2018

Traffic on Hard Ings Road, Keighley

The A650 is the spinal highway route which runs through the heart of Airedale, it is mostly dual carriageway in the north western part of the Airedale area except for a short section, Hard Ings Road. Between the Victoria Park and Skipton Road roundabouts this section is a single carriageway and is surrounded by commercial, leisure and residential areas. It is a key pinch point and is the main cause of congestion, not only on the main route, but also in Keighley Town Centre as drivers seek to avoid this length of road.
The dualling of Hard Ings Road will reduce congestion on the A650, adjacent routes and within Keighley Town Centre. Air quality and safety will be improved and the local environment will be enhanced through the use of high quality materials in the design of the scheme. Wherever feasible, new cycling and pedestrian facilities will be provided to encourage the use of these sustainable modes for local journeys. The scheme also has the potential to open up the wider area for new development and improve connectivity with other commercial centres around Keighley. 
Project Description
Road widening, at the pinch point section of the A650 Hard Ings Road, in Keighley
To reduce congestion, improve air quality and facilitate growth
Overall Cost
Promoting Authority
Bradford Council 
Project Contact email
Estimated Completion Date
Q4, 2018/19


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