Halifax-Huddersfield A629 Corridor

Updated April 2018

The package will include journey time saving measures which target signal junction remodelling along the A629 corridor together with highway widening at constrained sections; also included is walking and cycling infrastructure together with enhanced public transport opportunities. Halifax town centre would benefit from employment site unlocking, strategic junction remodelling, a new bus rail / rail interchange, remodelled bus station, new bus routing and a delivery of high quality public realm throughout.

Phase 1a includes a 3km length of congestion targeting interventions commencing from Jubilee Rd along the A629 through to the outskirts of Halifax Town centre. Junction remodelling includes Dudwell Lane, Dryclough Lane and Shaw Hill with highway widening at Salterhebble Hill to facilitate upstream capacity prior to upgrading Calder and Hebble junction during next phase.

Phase 1b includes remodelling Calder and Hebble junction at Elland Wood Bottom to overcome this significant pinch point upon the highway network.

Phase 2 includes Halifax town centres journey related highway network, with a bias towards eastern sector upgrades in corridor geometry. Brown field sites at Cripplegate and Water Lane are target unlocking development / employment opportunities. The above noted Halifax upgrades would be delivered over 3 phases related to public transport, public realm and strategic junction remodelling across the eastern, northern and west/southern sectors.

Phases 3 and 4 are in development.

Phase 5 is located to the north-west of Huddersfield Town Centre, it provides a strategic link between Huddersfield and Halifax in particular along the A629 from Huddersfield Ring Road to junction 24 of the M62 motorway (Ainley Top). The Phase 5 proposals will improve access to the M62 from Huddersfield by relieving known congestion issues at the A629 junctions of ‘Cavalry Arms’ and ‘Blacker Road’ and its approach to and from Ainley Top . The overarching aim of the scheme is to improve journey times for all road users between Huddersfield Ring Road and Ainley Top roundabout

These proposed improvements are part of a long term phased delivery plan for the A629 which will ensure that all aspects of supporting infrastructure; highways, public transport, cycling, walking, green spaces are provided in a timely manner alongside the new developments.

Project Description
Improvements to the A629 road corridor, between the urban centres of Halifax and Huddersfield
To reduce congestion, cut journey times and facilitate economic growth in the area
Overall Cost
To be confirmed
Promoting Authority
West Yorkshire Combined Authority
Project Contact E-mail
Estimated Completion Date
To be confirmed


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