East Leeds Housing Growth Red Hall

East Leeds Red Hall Housing Growth

Our Leeds City Region Growth Deal investment is helping to fund critical preparation works on land in east Leeds that will eventually be used for 400 new homes.

This project of works has seen an existing Leeds City Council plant nursery and playing pitches moved from Red Hall into a new purpose built site as well as the demolition of other redundant buildings and site preparation work.

Once land is ready for building, 400 new homes are planned on the site to support ambitious house building targets for Leeds and the wider City Region. A total of 12.4 hectares of land will be remediated.

Project Lead


Leeds City Council

Business case summary

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£4 million Leeds City Region Growth Deal

Total project cost


£10 million

Start and end dates

Relocation, demolition and decontamination works are complete. The completion of housing is programmed for 2024.


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