Clean Bus Technology Fund

 Research by Public Health England has shown that road transportation is accountable for over 60% of local roadside emissions.

Across West Yorkshire there are 28 declared Air Quality Management Areas due to the annual NO2 (Nitrogen Oxide) exceedance. This project aims to reduce the amount of NO2 by retrofitting accredited emission control technology onto 231 older buses across West Yorkshire to significantly improve tailpipe emissions.

This technology will remove an estimated 31 tonnes of Nitrogen Oxides from existing bus fleets per year.


Project Lead


West Yorkshire Combined Authority

District/ Area

West Yorkshire


Business case summary

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DEFRA Clean Bus Grant award- £2.840 million

Project Status

Activity 6: Delivery


Start and end dates

September 2018- March 2019


Delivery partners

Leeds City Council

Bus Operators


Other funders

DEFRA Clean Bus Grant award to Leeds City Council- £1.370 million


LPTIP- £0.850 million


Operator match funding- £1.028 million

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