Smart Card Information Project Traveller Information

SCIP Traveller Info project first sage included; Multi-Modal Hubs and easily accessible disruption information. The Multi–modal hubs and disruption (MMHD) project aims to facilitate customer journeys via easily accessible information, supporting customer choice by providing timely information regarding disruption information, and where possible providing alternative journey options.  In the first stage of the project QR and NFC technology has been utilised to provide an easier option for customers to access real time information along with the installation of a trial Information Point at Leeds Travel Centre.

The second stage of the project will deliver the following five initiatives which supports the overarching LTP3 objectives for West Yorkshire, including supporting economic development, reducing carbon emissions and other environmental impacts and improving access for all;


  • Uniformity for WYCA’s customer maps through the creation of a WYCA base map which will be used for online and digital maps;
  • Information Points for WYCA bus stations across West Yorkshire;
  • Improvements to Roadside Displays to include spider route maps and more legible timetables;
  • Open Data-Business Intelligence;
  • Multi-modal journey planner app incorporating real time, disruption and fare information. (Funded through Innovate UK)

District/ Area

West Yorkshire


Business case summary






Project Status

Activity 7: Close and Review



Start and end dates

Apr 2016 – Dec 2017


Delivery partners

21st Century

Pindar Creative

Other funders



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