Smart Card Information Project Beacons Project

The Bluetooth Beacons trial enabled participating volunteers to use their smartphone phone as a travel pass and was the UK’s first working deployment of a bus based Bluetooth beacons payment system. 

Based on the Keighley Bus Company’s Shuttle 662 route between Keighley and Bradford, the trial provided pay-as-you-go style mobile ticketing through an App. The back office linked to the App calculates the length of journey taken and ‘capped’ prices at the best value price over the course of the day or week, and involved no interaction with the ticket machine. This meant faster boarding times for passengers and removed the customer’s need to have exact advance knowledge of their ticketing options.

 The project was funded by a pilot through the Government’s Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport as part of an initiative outlined in the 2015 budget.  “As a ‘smart city’ demonstrator Leeds City Region will pioneer new approaches to local transport. These would be underpinned by new smartphone applications that provide a concrete step towards the vision for a fully integrated transport system based on mobility accounts – allowing passengers seamless use of bus, train car club, taxi and bike services.

Project Lead


West Yorkshire Combined Authority

District/ Area

Leeds City Region


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Project Status

Activity 7: Close and Review


Start and end dates

April 2016 to March 2017


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Other funders

Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport


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