One System Public Transport

We want to create a world class public transport system that connects different modes of transport seamlessly into one comprehensive, easy-to-use network.

We aim to transform the performance, image and experience of public transport to make it an attractive choice for all.

Rail is currently the backbone of our mass transit network. Where the service is frequent and with newer trains, the number of commuters using rail is high. We want to replicate this high quality service across the City Region.

Buses are currently the most used form of public transport and we need to ensure there is better integration between these two modes including physical interchange, timetabling, ticketing and payment. We have an ambition to build on our current public transport networks and we will set out a plan for how different modes, including rail, mass transit and bus rapid transit, can unlock economic growth constraints.

We recognise the benefits of segregating public transport from other road vehicles and will look at key corridors for where this could be developed further. More people are now travelling between districts to access work opportunities.

We need our public transport system to be High Speed ready. We will link to and build on national investment in High Speed Rail and Northern Powerhouse Rail proposals and we will align our public transport investment with improvements to the motorways and our local roads for a truly integrated transport system. Only through improving our public transport offer, be that bus, rail, park and ride, mass transit or other modes, will we be able to achieve our economic objectives at the same time as ensuring that our towns and city centres are places that promote health, wellbeing and attract inward investment.