Growing the Economy

West Yorkshire Combined Authority works closely with Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (the LEP) to deliver a shared Strategic Economic Plan.

Our Strategic Economic Plan sets out our joint vision to transform the Leeds City Region economy by unlocking the potential of the City Region and developing an economic powerhouse that will create jobs and prosperity.

Developing improved transport networks is central to our Strategic Economic Plan, as ensuring that people, places and jobs are better connected is integral to economic growth. Working with its member districts, the Combined Authority delivers large-scale transport and infrastructure projects and manages the transport projects, agreed as part of the Leeds City Region Local Growth Deal, secured in July 2014.

The strategy is based on four interconnected priorities and a central principle of 'good growth'.

This means achieving both the right quantity and the right quality of growth; creating a strong, productive and resilient economy where a radical uplift in business competitiveness, productivity and profits goes hand in hand with access to good jobs that pay higher wages, and where all residents have access to opportunity and enjoy improved quality of life.

The LEP focuses on growing the economy by supporting businesses in the region to develop and grow, and ensuring that projects are driven by the long term needs of employers and the Leeds City Region economy.

Inclusive growth

Economic growth is vital to the success, wellbeing and future of the people, communities and businesses in our City Region and we want to build an economy that enables all people to contribute to and benefit from wealth creation, and enjoy a decent standard of living.

Leeds City Region Infrastructure Map

We've built a free-to-access interactive map providing information on infrastructure and planned growth across the City Region. View the Leeds City Region Infrastructure Map to find out more.

Leeds City Region Energy Strategy

This is our response to the global challenge of providing a secure and affordable energy supply for local residents and businesses, while also reducing carbon emissions to help combat climate change. Download the plan and our four page executive summary for more detail.

Leeds City Region Green and Blue Infrastructure Strategy

This strategy and delivery plan sets out how we will make the most of the region’s amazing natural assets to help our economy prosper, enable people to enjoy a great quality of life, and combat the effects of climate change. Download the plan and our four page executive summary for more detail.