Equality objectives

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority is committed to promoting equality and values diversity, encouraging fairness with equal chances for all to work, learn and be free from any barriers, discrimination or victimisation.

Our equality aims

The Combined Authority is committed to ensuring that its customers and employees are treated equally and fairly, through pursuing two aims:

  1. Ensuring that everyone in West Yorkshire has equal access to our services.
  2. Managing diversity within our workforce to benefit employees and organisational performance.

The Equality Act 2010

The Equality Act 2010 replaced and harmonised all previous equality law contained in the Race Relations Act, the Sex Discrimination Act and the Disability Discrimination Act.
Equality and Human Rights Commission website (opens in new window)

The Combined Authority's equality responsibilities

The Equality Act places a 'Public Sector Equality Duty' on public authorities like WYCA to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunities and foster good relations between people.

How we achieve our equality aims and fulfil our equality responsibilities

WYCA achieves its equality aims and objectives through promoting equality internally, through its Equality and Diversity Policy.

WYCA also sets objectives to achieve specific equality outcomes. Our equality objectives for 2016 -2020 are:

  1. WYCA will review and further refine its approach to equality impact assessments.
  2. While (1) is underway, WYCA will ensure that equality impact assessments are carried out whenever a new strategy, policy, service, function or major project is being developed.
  3. WYCA is committed to developing and maintaining an inclusive and diverse workforce. We will provide all employees with opportunities to reach their full potential. Our culture will be one where all employees feel they are supported, respected and treated fairly.

Equality Impact Assessments

We consider the equality impact of any new project or service that we're planning to introduce, and any significant change in existing projects and services. We assess impacts early in the process of change in order to build equality from the start, using a consistent analytical approach that incorporates best practice.

In setting equality objectives and considering equality impacts WYCA analyses a wide range of information relating to its customers and its employees. However, we are unable to collect or publish some information relating to one or both of these groups. This is often because there is insufficient justification, under the provisions of the Data Protection Act, for requesting and holding the data (for example, collecting data on bus passengers' religious beliefs or sexuality).

In other instances the numbers of staff sharing a protected characteristic are so low, because we have a relatively small workforce of only 400, that there is a serious risk that publication could lead to identification of individuals.

For these reasons the list of information relating to equality and diversity that WYCA publishes is necessarily limited. The information that we can publish is: