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  • Your Travel Your Say

    We are planning what local transport should be like for the next 20 years. It's your travel, so you should have your say.

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    We want your views

    • Do you think the buses should be friendlier to the environment? 
    • Do you want to see longer trains with more seats? 
    • Better cycle routes? 
    • Less congestion on the roads? 
    • More use of our rivers and canals?

    All you have to do is give fill out our two short online questionnaires. 

    Transport Strategy - take the survey now

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    Read more about the projects first – research, background information and technical reports. 

    You can get involved on Twitter too, just use #yourtravelyoursay

    Thanks for your help - your opinions count! 

    They will help us shape the future of where you live and how you get around.