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  • Tong Street A650 Highway Improvement

    Updated December 2016


     Traffic on Tong Street, A650


    The A650 Tong Street is one of the most congested roads in Bradford with average traffic speeds between 9mph and 18mph during the morning/ evening peaks. On average 37,600 vehicles use the route each weekday.  The capacity of the existing single carriageway and some of the junctions along Tong Street cannot accommodate the current volume of traffic. Congestion issues on the A650  result in  higher journey times, poor air quality, and significant levels of through-traffic in adjacent residential areas, which is detrimental to safety for all road users and the quality of life for residents.
    Tong Street is an important bus corridor with frequent services to Wakefield, Dewsbury and other areas in North Kirklees. Delays along Tong Street have a negative impact on these services resulting in delays and unreliable journeys which reduce bus patronage. 
    Scheme benefits
    In addition to reduced congestion, reduced journey times and improved bus reliability; investment  to the highway infrastructure can  improve the walking and cycling network. Highway improvements to Tong Street would support economic and housing growth in south east Bradford as well as sites in neighbouring local authorities of Leeds (West Leeds) and Kirklees.
    Project Description
    Highway improvements on the A650 Tong Street in Bradford, between Knowles Lane and Westgate Hill
    To reduce congestion and improve bus reliability, to open up potential urban development sites
    Overall Cost
    £12 m
    Promoting Authority
    Bradford Council
    Project Contact
    Estimated Completion Date
    Autumn / Winter 2022