Pontefract Stn

Image of Pontefract Monkhill Station Car Park

As part of the West Yorkshire Plus Transport Fund, a programme of car park extensions at rail stations has been identified to enhance connectivity to, from and within West Yorkshire.  The purpose of the package is to increase car parking capacity at selected stations. It will deliver more localised benefits as a result of improved access to the rail network.

The package is designed to support sustainable employment growth in the main urban centres and will particularly benefit commuters, but also support more travel into and between the urban centres by rail for other purposes.
The programme has been split in to several delivery phases:
Immediate delivery
Schemes in development 
Hebden Bridge
Steeton & Silsden
Future schemes
Ben Rhydding
Project Description
A programme of railway station car park expansions
Increase passenger usage at rail stations, increase access to employment, alleviate un-authorised car parking in residential areas
Overall Cost
Promoting Authority
West Yorkshire Combined Authority
Project Contact email
Estimated Completion Date
Programme Completion 2019