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  • Harrogate Road New Line Junction Bradford

    Updated December 2016

     Harrogate Rd


    The Harrogate Road/New Line junction is used by 34,000 vehicles on a typical week day and is heavily congested. It is sited on the junction between the A658 (the main route from Bradford to the Airport and Harrogate) and the A657 (links Shipley / Airedale and Leeds). At peak times traffic queues extend to over 1000metres in some directions. This is an important strategic junction and lies adjacent to a busy local center including shops, a school and the community of Greeengates. A new railway station at Apperley Bridge to the north of the junction has opened and there is significant investment in new housing in the vicinity.

    Scheme Benefits

    The scheme will reduce journey times for vehicles travelling through the junction, introduce cycling lanes where feasible and improve pedestrian access. It will facilitate urban development and economic growth in a partially deprived area. The integration of Green Infrastructure within the design will contribute to protecting some elements within the community of Greengates.
    Project Description
    Improvements to the heavily used junction, at Harrogate Rd / New Line in Greengates, Bradford.  
    To reduce congestion, improve air quality, facilitate growth and improve pedestrian access.
    Overall Cost
    Promoting Authority
    Bradford Council
    Project Contact email
    Estimated Completion Date
    To be confirmed