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  • East Leeds Orbital Road (ELOR)

    Updated December 2016

     Map of East Leeds Orbital Route The ELOR will stretch from the Outer Ring Road at Red Hall round the east side of Leeds to Thorpe Park joining a new Manston Lane Link Road (MLLR) where it would connect into the existing highway infrastructure and link to the M1 motorway.

    This will effectively consist of a new 7.5km dual carriageway which will provide the capacity to support increased traffic from allocated development in the ELE, as well as relieving congestion on the existing network. 

    The ELOR is a requirement established through the Local Development Framework and will provide access to the housing development areas. We estimate it will cost £116 million which is funded by the West Yorkshire Plus Transport Fund and developers.

    Construction will start in Spring 2018 with a completion date of 2021. Further information can be obtained at the Leeds City Council website  




    Project Description
    Construction of a new link road, in East Leeds, along with strategic junction improvements
    Facilitate access to new businesses and housing developments in East Leeds
    Overall Cost
    Promoting Authority
    Leeds City Council
    Project Contact
    Estimated Completion Date
    To be confirmed