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  • A653 Mirfield to Dewsbury to Leeds

    Updated December 2016

    A653 Dews
    A653 Tingley roundabout

    The scheme involves implementing a series of highway improvements on the A653 from Mirfield to Dewsbury Ring Road to Leeds City Centre. The scheme will involve making physical amendments to Dewsbury Ring Road to improve the towns connectivity to its outlying areas thus making the town centre more accessible for all. The remodelled ring road will seek to reduce journey times for all forms of transport including buses, cyclists and pedestrians.


    The proposals for the A653 corridor into Leeds will seek to reduce congestion at ‘hot spot’ junctions as a result of introducing capacity enhancements. Public transport improvements are planned which include a limited stop bus service between Dewsbury and Leeds.

    These proposed improvements are part of a long term phased delivery plan for the A653 which will ensure that all aspects of supporting infrastructure; highways, public transport, cycling, walking, green spaces are provided in a timely manner alongside the new developments.


    Project Description
    Multi-modal corridor improvement, with bus priority and capacity enhancements
    Improve access and support new housing developments along the route
    Overall Cost
    To be confirmed
    Promoting Authority
    Kirklees Council
    Project Contact email
    Estimated Completion Date
    To be confirmed