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Touchless ticketing trial on Keighley-Bradford shuttle 662 bus route extended

Since the start of February, West Yorkshire Combined Authority and The Keighley Bus Company have been trialling touchless ticketing on the Shuttle 662 route which runs between Keighley and Bradford.

Almost 250 people signed up for the initial stage of the trial and made around 1,200 journeys on the Shuttle 662 using their smartphone as a travel pass. 


Due to the success of its first stage, West Yorkshire Combined Authority and The Keighley Bus Company are extending the trial for a further three months, until the end of June. This means there is an opportunity for yet more people to take part and as a thank you, save on their fares while they do. People who sign up will enjoy 50% off journeys on the Shuttle 662 route until Friday 30 June.

The scheme enables volunteers taking part in the trial to use their smartphone as a travel pass, through a special smartphone App and technology at bus stops. The App calculates the length of route taken and 'caps' at the best value price over the course of the day or week, it needs no interaction with the ticket machine meaning faster boarding times for passengers.

To take part in the trial, customers, who must be over 18, need to visit the Becotix website (new tab), where they can sign-up. They will then receive email instructions on how to download and use the app.

Cutting edge

Cllr Keith Wakefield, West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s Transport Committee Chair said: “I am pleased the first stage of this joint touchless ticketing trial between the Combined Authority and Keighley Bus Company has been a success and that we are now able to extend it.

"It’s an opportunity for even more people to be involved in testing this cutting edge travel technology and save money on their journeys while they do so."


Alex Hornby, Chief Executive at Transdev, owners of The Keighley Bus Company, said:  “We believe in effective partnership working and delivery of innovative customer solutions and I’m delighted that we are extending this successful programme.”

“It’s a real pleasure for us at Transdev to be delivering this pioneering ticketing solution that will make life easier and cheaper for our customers, and speed buses up along their journey – complementing our great product on The Shuttle, with a dedicated team of drivers, free wife and USB power on board as standard”.

“We look forward this trial being a success and encourage people to register at http://662pay.becotix.co.uk/, and take part, as well as sharing their views with us."

Bus stations, stops & shelters

The Combined Authority manages West Yorkshire’s Metro bus stations and maintains the county’s 14,000 bus stops and shelters.

Developed by West Yorkshire Combined Authority, West Yorkshire’s MCard travel smartcard is among the country’s largest travel smartcard scheme outside London. 
Find out more about MCard (new tab)

The Combined Authority has also introduced NFC tags and QR codes at all 13,000 of West Yorkshire’s bus stops which enables passengers able to use their phones to check the actual arrival times of buses at their stop.
You can find more information about NFC tags and QR codes at West Yorkshire bus stop on the Metro travel website (new tab).  


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