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  • Superfast Broadband State Aid Consultation

    NGA mapping

    The European Union State Aid rules are designed to ensure that any use of public funding (‘State Aid’) is targeted at areas of market failure and produces positive market outcomes while minimising any distortion to competition.

    The State Aid rules require public interventions to be targeted so as to limit the risk of crowding-out or dis-incentivising existing and/or concrete planned private sector investments that would otherwise meet the desired policy objectives. In the context of broadband, the 2012 State Aid Decision permits the use of public funding only to extend broadband coverage in geographic areas where there is no provision of Superfast Broadband and it is unlikely to be developed in the near future (within the next three years).

    The ‘EU Guidelines for the application of State aid rules in relation to the rapid deployment of broadband networks’ (2013/C 25/01) can be found at:

    The objective of the further investment is to provide access to NGA infrastructure which is capable of delivering access line speeds of at least 30Mbps.

    The objective of this intervention is to target the reinvestment funding at areas that were designated as white NGA areas through the previous public consultation (carried out by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority between 8 December 2014 and 8 January 2015 and where there have subsequently been no plans to deploy as part of the existing contract between the West Yorkshire Combined Authority and BT. In addition, the NGA white areas mapped in this public consultation also include areas mapped as NGA grey in the previous consultation, but where the local body has since received information that a supplier no longer has a network footprint or that a supplier’s planned deployment for the area has changed. These areas are identified as white on the map.

    The West Yorkshire Combined Authority has changed its definition of NGA white areas from that used in its previous consultation of between 8 December 2014 and 8 January 2015. In Annex A (see map below), areas with speeds below 30Mbps are identified as “NGA white areas”, whereas they had previously only been identified as NGA white areas where they had speeds below 15Mbps.

    Nevertheless, it remains the intention of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority in this intervention to target white NGA areas with the greatest need for improvement, i.e. only where no NGA infrastructure is available, or otherwise an NGA infrastructure is available, but where speeds are less than 15Mbps.
    NGA map (click for larger version)  

    Broadband NGA mapping small


    European Regional Development Fund logoEuropean Regional Development Fund

    The project received  £7.3m of funding from the England European Regional Development Fund as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020. The Department for Communities and Local Government (and in London the intermediate body Greater London Authority) is the Managing Authority for European Regional Development Fund. ERDF and ESF Branding and Publicity Requirements ESIF-GN-1-005, Version 6 Date published 1 November 2016.

    Established by the European Union, the European Regional Development Fund helps local areas stimulate their economic development by investing in projects which will support innovation, businesses, create jobs and local community regenerations. For more information visit https://www.gov.uk/european-growth-funding.

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